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The Beach Club Podcast

Join Patrick (Reef Knots Founder) & Charlie as they take a light hearted look at everything that's important (and less important) to Reef Knots. We'd love for you to join us and get involved via our social media channels. Or you can email us directly at:

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Take a look at Episode 1 where Patrick & Charlie discuss the important topics of baby lobsters, inappropriate running attire and how Joe Wicks almost killed Patrick. We also debate whether Captain Birdseye is a style icon.

In Episode 2 of the podcast, Patrick & Charlie discuss a less than successful day they spent cycling together in the name of ocean protection. Charlie brings his fitness and style tips of the week and Patrick reveals a new life hack.

This week Patrick and Charlie smash through the hot topics of the day including the amount of unnecessary rage there is in the world, why people should continue to breath through their nose (apparently some people don’t?) and why formal is the new casual.

This week, Patrick & Charlie are hit by wedding fever as the ‘Shout Out To Help Out’ scheme helps a business focused on summer nuptials. Patrick also tries to sell his favourite sport to the listeners and questions whether Michael Jordan’s work ethic really was that special after all.

This week, Patrick & Charlie welcome tailor Tom Wharton onto the podcast who has his own personal views on Charlie’s style tips. Also up for discussion is David Hasselhoff, village cricket, whether a neoprene suit would be a good idea, plus the smoking jacket debate is put to bed once and for all.

This week, we celebrate the return of the pub garden by getting our pub chat back in shape. Patrick asks the questions that have baffled men for centuries including, what is the largest animal you could carry? Could Mike Tyson knock out a restrained tiger? The important stuff.

This week, the boys chat about the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy and discuss whether it came to the correct conclusions. Is a world of not eating or catching fish realistic? There is also a return for Patrick's Peculiar Pub Question, while Charlie offers solutions to our health and style problems (sort of).

This week, we are joined by stylist Rachael Perry as we stride down the catwalk in an episode totally devoted to style. Patrick also has some big news and throws some interesting (although quite loosely based) style based questions out into the world.

Please SUBSCRIBE at all your usual podcast locations such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or catch the video version on YouTube
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