What item of clothing do you have most of? I would imagine it's silk ties. Men find it difficult to throw away a silk tie, (however infrequently they wear them) and this is coupled with the fact that most ties are given to us as gifts. In the end, many of us become silk tie collectors by default.

It's also odd how men consider their ties a 'collection', but not other items of clothing. What's the difference between a collection and just having lots of something? I suppose a tie is a reflection of your personality (ours are certainly intended to be) and therefore slightly more personal than a sock. Also, because of the 'never throw away' rule, they seem to outrank most other clothing. 

We were recently sent this photo by one of our customers, and he is most definitely a collector of fine silk ties! We've sent him a gift voucher for a free Reef Knots tie as a thank you. We'd love to see some of the special ties you have lurking in your 'collections'. If you've got something special enough to make the blog, there will be a gift voucher on the way to you. 

Patrick Dudley-Williams