Below is detailing on recommended sizing. If you have any further questions, please drop us a message and we will be happy to help! Email ( or call us on:  01249 736 236


All REEF KNOTS handmade printed silk ties are made to the following standard size:
Length: 147cm

Width: 8.5cm (at the widest point of the blade)

Classic Swim Shorts Sizing

M (30-32 inch waist)
L (32-34 waist)
XL (34-36 waist)
XXL (36-38 waist)

Tailored Swim Shorts Sizing

Our tailored swim shorts generally come a little larger than our classic shorts in terms of waist. We would use the recommended waist sizes given when choosing size. For example, if you have a 33" or 34" waist, we would select the size 32.

30 (31-32" waist)
32 (33-34" waist)
34 (35-36" waist)
36 (37-38" waist)
38 (38-40" waist)

Shirt Sizing

Shirt sizes are available on individual shirts pages. For Oxford shirts, the basic collar and chest sizes are:

Small - 15" collar, 38" chest
Medium - 15.5-16" collar, 40" chest
Large - 16.5" collar, 42" chest
X Large - 17" collar, 44" chest

XXL - 18" collar, 46-48" chest

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are available in 5 sizes (S,M, L, XL and XXL) and follow same recommended chest sizes as our regular shirts.


Elasticated belts come in two sizes.

S/M: up to 32" waist
M/L: 32"-38"


Socks come in two sizes:

Medium - UK size 5.5 to a UK 9
Large - UK size 9.5 to UK 12