Sustainability is something that a lot of companies talk about. But we have always wanted to be a company that acts. Reef Knots was involved in marine protection when it still operated out of Patrick's spare room. It's in our DNA.

We're passionate about the health of our oceans, the creation of marine reserves and the reduction in ocean plastics. Since our launch, we've been committed to supporting charitable partners that enables us to give back to the place that originally inspired us. We’re incredibly proud to be an official corporate partner of the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and have been since 2014. We're also excited to help fund the important work of the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow. 

In 2014, we launched our first tie made exclusively in partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation. Since that time, we have continued to stock limited edition products that donate 25% of sales directly to the charity. We've also sponsored and taken part in their main fund raising event every year, the London 2 Monaco cycle ride (learn more), helping to raise large sums for their vital work. 


We are now using some of the most advanced fibres in the world to re-use plastic from the ocean and landfill into our clothing. We have partnerships with manufacturers and fabric producers that allow us to be innovative in how we try and use these. In 2019, we started making swim shorts using upcycled marine plastic collected from the nets of fishermen. Since then we have added recycled plastic to our knitwear ranges and other products. Where this technology isn't suitable, we are switching to organic cottons to improve quality, reduce the carbon footprint, reduce water use and improve the social impact to farmers.


The other key way we help is through awareness (like when you read this page!). Public opinion is firmly turning against the crisis in our oceans but this has been driven by charities like BLUE that need to keep the momentum for real change growing. Governments and companies will be persuaded by voters and consumers using their voice. We try to include information about the charity in all of our orders to customers and on our website. 


90% of wild fish stocks are over-fished or fully exploited. Without fish, the oceans cannot absorb CO2, millions of livelihoods are lost and food security is threatened. Healthy oceans = healthy planet.

The Solution - By designating large parts of the world's oceans as marine reserves and banning industrial fishing in these areas, fish stocks are able to recover and ecosystems thrive. 

Please watch the following video to better understand the situation and how real change is taking place (but this needs to continue):

 BLUE is already making a huge difference, so please visit their site and help them in their valuable work: