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    At REEF KNOTS, we're passionate about the health of the ocean. Since our launch, we've been committed to supporting a charitable partner that enables us to give back to the place that originally inspired us. We’re incredibly proud to be an official corporate partner of the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) whose mission is the active and effective protection of 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020.

    Help protect the oceans with the BLUEfin tuna tie by REEF KNOTS

    This short video highlights some of the incredible work that BLUE does, as well as the size of the problem that our oceans are now struggling with.



    Around 88% of global fish stocks are now depleted, fully exploited, over-exploited or in recovery from exploitation due to overfishing. And this is a huge problem because 1 billion people rely on fish and seafood as their main source of protein, and 200 million people depend on fishing for their livelihoods.

    Over fishing now costs $50 billion in lost income, with studies worldwide proving that protecting oceans enables them to recover. The decline of our oceans is the world’s largest solvable environmental problem, but with decisive action over the next 20 years it can be reversed.

    Images courtesy of George Duffield (c) 


    There are lots of ways that REEF KNOTS is going to help BLUE, in addition to the BLUEfin tuna silk tie. In the short term, we’ll be keeping our followers up to date on BLUE’s phenomenal work and how you can get involved. Sign up to our BEACH CLUB if you’re not already on board so you don’t miss the updates.

    But of course, like any charity, BLUE needs more support and action from partners, celebrity ambassadors, governments, NGOs, but also from members of the public like you. So we’re asking REEF KNOTS customers to give something to BLUE and help them in their brilliant work. There are all sorts of ways you can support them:

    • DONATE – head to BLUE’s Just Giving page and dive deep into your pockets to help fund their conservation work around the world
    • FUND – BLUE is currently on Kritical Mass raising funds for three projects, so you can also donate to specific activities which BLUE is working on
    • VOLUNTEER – become a BLUE volunteer by donating your time. From fundraisers to translators, advertisers to photographers, BLUE is always wanting to hear from people who can offer their services to the cause.
    • SHARE – help spread the word by liking BLUE’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, and you’ll be raising awareness about the crisis in our oceans to your friends and family.
    • WATCH – buy a copy of The End of the Line – the powerful documentary highlighting the problems in our oceans today. Here’s a quick trailer:



      Since only 2010 when they launched, BLUE has had some great successes. Here are just a few:

      • Secured financial commitments of $12 million for marine conservation work and helped protect an area more than twice the size of the UK.
      • Brought globally acclaimed brands on board to support marine conservation for the first time
      • Won an International Green Award in 2011 for their work, and achieved a “world first” in their project in Lyme Bay (Fishing News, 22 Mar 2013)
      • Developed a global portfolio of projects stretching from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and worked with over 15 NGO partners worldwide
      • Attracted celebrity ambassadors and business leaders of the likes of Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, Stephen Fry, Sienna Miller and Sir Stuart Rose, to name just a few

      Let’s help BLUE enjoy many more successes like these: www.bluemarinefoundation.com