So you've got your new Reef Knots silk tie, but your current range of shirts aren't really doing it justice. We're often asked about shirt colour, but shirt quality and fit is almost equally important. If you've got a wide neck, you'll be more than familiar with the billowing mess than can ensue with an off-the-shelf shirt. The good news is that there are now much more affordable options for a tailored shirt.

There was a time when you would have to march into a Savile Row tailor (and then into a bank to remortgage) if you wanted tailored perfection in your shirts. But now the internet offers you access to a far wider range of tailors from outside the capital.

Barrington Ayre are long-term friends of Reef Knots and offer a superb subscription service for tailored shirts. Just watch the videos on the site, which explain how to take your measurements, and send them in. Your shirts will then be delivered when you want them and are all handmade in the UK.

Worth a visit at: (and tell them Reef Knots sent you)


Patrick Dudley-Williams