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Blue Marine Foundation - Official Corporate Partner

We're very pleased to announce that REEF KNOTS is now an official corporate partner of the Blue Marine Foundation. BLUE is an organisation that helps to protect the world's fish stocks by creating marine reserves. 88% of the oceans fish stocks are now depleted, fully exploited, over-exploited or in recovery from exploitation.

This is one of the key issues facing the world today due to more than 1 billion people that rely on fish as their main source of protein, and 200 million that rely on fishing for a livelihood. The good news is that this is a reversible problem that is beneficial for everyone (including those making a living from fishing). 

REEF KNOTS is proud the be a corporate partner of such an important organisation and we'll soon be launching our official BLUE fin tuna silk tie to help raise funds and awareness of the crisis in our oceans. 

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