September is always a key month for weddings in the UK and our silk wedding ties have been at plenty of nuptials already as groom ties, ushers ties and guests alike (and probably round a few heads by the end of the evening). It's always great to hear that we've managed to bring a bit of brightness to a couple's big day. 

Why is it called 'Tying the Knot'? The exact origins of the phrase aren't clear, but actual knots have been used in ceremonies for a long time (using twine) and the wrapping of the hands in a sash are a continuation of that trend today. The use of the word 'knot' in a marriage ceremony can be traced back to the 13th century. 

We may not be making history yet at Reef Knots, but we still make beautiful weddings ties that are great for a groom or for a unique set of ushers ties. If you're having your wedding soon, then please check out our silk ties and don't forget our WEDDINGTIES discount code which will give you a free tie when buying 5 (add 6 to the basket and use the code). 

Patrick Dudley-Williams