Ocean plastics is an increasingly significant problem for our planet and Reef Knots is going to be focusing heavily on the topic during 2018. With an estimated 1 million plastic bottles purchased every minute around the globe, the amount ending up in our oceans is increasing daily. This can have a devastating impact on the marine life that lives there with micro plastics now working their way into the food chain.

Between 5-13 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the world oceans each year. We will be urging our customers to change their habits regarding single-use plastisc, as well as highlighting the work being done to combat this issue. 

We'll soon be releasing a special edition tie in collaboration with our charity partner, the Blue Marine Foundation. 25% off the sales will be donated directly to BLUE, and we hope it will help to spark a conversation surrounding the health of our oceans. 

Patrick Dudley-Williams