The Euromillions jackpot is expected to be £142 million tonight. You’re not going to win it, but if you did here is a list of five incredible things to spend the money on (apart from a beautiful range of silk ties, swim shorts and Oxford shirts from Reef Knots). These are all well over the contactless limit on your debit card:

Insane Superyacht – One of these was bound to make the list. Completely bonkers superyacht, Yas (pictured above), is reportedly worth $180 million, so it would just squeeze into your budget. However, don’t expect to go very far in it because you’re unlikely to have enough left to insure the thing (estimated at 10% of the value per year). However, you’d certainly look the part bobbing up and down in the marina.

Taylor Swift – OK, Taylor might not actually be for sale, but she reportedly earned $170 million in 2016 and we’re guessing she’d jump at the chance to earn it again with interest. On the other hand, she might just decide that the whole idea is too weird. Let’s hope it doesn’t leave any ‘Bad Blood’ and she can ‘Shake it Off’. Moving on…

Hollywood Super Mansion - The Owlwood Estate in the the Holmby Hills (Los Angeles) hit the market this year with a thud. Your £140 million (which is double what was paid for the house a year ago!) buys 12,000 square feet of mansion and 10 meticulously landscaped acres. The former home of Cher, Tony Curtis and Engelbert Humperdinck (we’re assuming at different times) was built in 1936 and as you would expect it has the full-works. It would make a Russian oligarch blush.


A UK Election – The cash won’t actually embed you as Prime Minister behind the famous black door of 10 Downing Street (free to dance around like Hugh Grant in Love Actually). However, the cost of putting on the UK election in 2017 was confirmed at £140 million. This was largely spent on returning officers overseeing the polling and postage costs. Personally, we’d go for the yacht rather than stamps.

Big Football Star – Paris Saint-Germain pulled of a transfer coup (i.e. paid more money) by signing the 18-year-old Kylian Mbappe in April. If it so took your fancy, you could get him to jog around your garden and take pot shots at the daffodils for five years. That said, it might not be the ‘first team football’ he was after, so personal terms could prove to be a stumbling block.

So there we go. It could be you and tonight we dream. But tomorrow we'll see you back at work. 

Patrick Dudley-Williams