What does he really want on February 14th?

Is it just us or is Valentine’s Day one of those annual moments that creeps up on people. Like, you know it happens on February 14 every year, but even when it gets to 5th February, you still think it’s pretty damn far away. It’s crazy. That said, it could be because a) you’re the sort of person that only just took down the Christmas decorations or b) your wallet still hasn’t fully recovered from all your festive splurges and self-prescribed retail therapy that you’ve been indulging in since Boxing Day, only to have that Oh goodie, Valentine’s Day is rolling around again moment.

But the real problem for us guys is making your crush-slash-lover-slash-SO-slash-wife think she’s bought you that something you wanted more than anything else on the planet, even though she’s actually bought you something you’ve got 0.6% interest in. That’s the worst. But what can you do except stand in front of the mirror and practise your God, you know me well face?

Well, we’ve had an idea.

Guys, if you’re in need of an awesome and thoughtful (but mostly just awesome) present, all you need to do is leave this article open on your phone (or send it to your ladyfriend) because we've got you covered. Just make sure you’ve got your own gift-giving skills down because you’re going to need something special to get on her level after this list of goodies.

Double-Burner BBQ

You might suck at cooking indoors, but when it comes to flipping burgers al fresco, you’re the ultimate chef. And that’s why you should not-so-subtly drop a hint about how cool the Primus's portable outdoor grill is. And it is. It even has a nonstick grill grate, which will help you produce the neatest meat patties ever.

A Bottle Of Next-Level Gin

Most dudes want to like bourbon because it’s manly. The problem is, most dudes haven’t acquired a taste for it yet, so it’s a much wiser idea to ask for a really expensive and delicious bottle of gin. Maybe a bottle of Salcombe Gin, or a Twelve Keys, or a Brockman’s. But here’s the best bit: you can then show off with your gin cocktail knowledge by reading our gin cocktail guide.

Jazz Night At Ronnie Scott’s

If you’re someone that loves a non-cliché romantic night out, you can’t do better than a few bottles of vino and jazz music at the world-famous Ronnie Scott’s. It’s where it all began. Jazz’s first home outside of America. And it’s still got that yesteryear sexiness to it. Seats upholstered in oxblood velvet, low-lit table lamps, a dark mysteriousness, and the sexiest sounds in London.

A Latest Video Game

We know it’s not cool to be a video game nerd, but it’s a lot cooler than it used to be. So embrace your love affair with your PS4 and ask for a new game. Just be warned, if you haven’t geeked out on a game in a while, they’ve gotten epic. Like, melt your mind epic. Just ask for Red Dead Redemption 2 if you don’t believe us.

You Mean, Valenties Day

Wearing a suit with a cheap tie is like driving a Ferrari so dirty you can write, “also in red” on the back bumper. So why not let us be your Valentie this year and ask your other half to get you one of our envy-inducing ties. Pink flamingos, red polar bears, parrots, micro fish, sea turtles or planes? Whatever’s gonna make you smile when you get dressed in the morning.

Amazon Vouchers

Only grandparents seem to be okay with giving people Amazon vouchers as a present but, let’s be honest, we’re all chuffed with Amazon vouchers. We get why your partner may not want to give you them (they aren’t exactly romantic and you can see exactly how much they’ve spent on you) but they’re the best gift. You can literally buy anything you want. And you don’t need to practise your Yay, thank you face.

Books A Gentleman Would Read

Being called a gent is like the greatest compliment you can ever receive, and wanting to be a gentleman is like the greatest ambition you can ever chase. But for all the traits that make up a gentleman, there’s only one thing they all have in common: books. Being well-read. That’s why we’ve come up with a whole new genre of books called gentleman-reads. Trust us, they’re books you’ll want to read because they’re actually epic, and not books you’ll read because you want to be someone who reads. Anyway, you can check out our list of gentleman-reads here.

An Electric Guitar

You can’t go wrong with an electric guitar. Even if you don’t play, the idea of having a Strat in the corner of your living room is cool. It’s a feature piece. Of course, you may be asked if you play, so it’s worth getting a couple of easy songs under your belt. You’ll also get to feel like a total rockstar while you’re at it. Oh and then there’s the whole learning a new skill bonus. (Cliché alert) It’s the gift that just keeps giving.

Fresh Pair Of Trunks

Us guys might not care as much about what trunks we wear as women fuss over the shape, style, colour and cut of a bikini-slash-swimsuit, but we still want to lounge on a beach wearing a cool pair of swim shorts. Comfy, but cool. And that’s exactly what our range of summertime all the time swim shorts celebrate. All you’ve got to do is cough the words Reef Knots trunks and hope she picks up on the hint.

Beer, Whisky, Home-Cooked Meal

Let’s be honest for a moment - what could be more awesome than getting home from work and seeing the girl you’re madly in love with holding a couple of glasses of whisky in her hands as the sound of steaks sizzling fill the brief moment before you say, “God, you’re the best.” The answer: nothing.

Tickets To The Game

How you interpret “The Game” is totally up to you. It could be the next NFL match to stop by London, or tickets to see England dominate at Twickenham, or your football team play at home, or it could literally be tickets to see the rapper, The Game, do his thing. Of course, you might want to specify two tickets, because going to a live event by yourself is never that fun.

Cards Against Humanity

Once you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, you don’t want to stop playing it. But the reason you haven’t bought it yet is because you’re not totally okay with spending £30 on a card game. But receiving it as a present, now that would be totally fine. More than fine. That would be the best Valentine’s present ever. You’ll cry laughing playing this one. Just be prepared that you might start throwing around in-game terms like “nipple blades” during everyday conversations.

The Cookbook You’ll Actually Use

When a guy receives a cookbook, he usually has to consciously stop his eyes from rolling as the thought, “what the heck am I gonna do with this?” fizzes through his frontal lobe. But there’s an exception to every rule, and the exception this time around is Mob Kitchen. Not only are the recipes crazy delicious, each one comes with a song suggestion and, man, are these tunes gonna make you look like a man who knows his music when you next host a dinner party.

A Vinyl Subscription

Every guy gets to an age where he desperately wants to build an impressive record collection that he can show his mates and then say something like, “they just sound so much warmer?” That’s why you need to drop a major hint in the form of Magnolia Record Club, which will stock your shelf with three new LPs - plus original art and notes - each month, curated to your tastes. Talk about a winning gift idea.

A Dope Duffel Bag

Okay, just to be clear, we’re using the term dope in the same way hipsters would and not saying you should ask for a bag to carry narcotics. That would be uncool. And what we mean by a dope duffel bag is a nice-looking bag that you can use when hitting the gym, or going on a business trip, or packing for that weekend getaway you’re planning together. Something simple and stylish. That’s the luggage dream right there.

Really Good Headphones

Like, really-really good ones.

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