We know you're out there wearing your REEF KNOTS silk ties, swim shorts and accessories everyday. Maybe it's time we paid you for all that advertising you do for us!

Prove you're helping us out by tagging us (or emailing us) a photo of you in your REEF KNOTS products and we'll message you a FREE £10 gift voucher that can be used against any purchase. Simple as that!

GET CREATIVE! We'll be giving random prizes to those that make the most effort. We want to see them everywhere! Weddings, beaches, work...surprise us!

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Please tag us in photos using our official Instagram (@reefknots), Facebook (@Reef Knots) or Twitter (@reefknots) name. You can also add our hashtag #SpotTheKnots (optional). Please make sure Facebook settings allow us to see the post.

2. Only one £10 gift voucher per person (unless we think you've made a super-human effort!).

3. By sending us an image you are agreeing to let us repost it and we may use it in future marketing. 

4. By sending us an image, you are confirming that you have the permission of all persons within it to feature in reposts and marketing.

Patrick Dudley-Williams