It's always one of the first things that a customer asks when they pick up one of our men's silk ties. What type of shirt will this tie go with? It's important too and if you're not sure it's best to get advice rather than just take a guess. 

For example, our Navy Blue Fish Silk Tie will go with most classic coloured shirts (white, cream, pink, light blue), while other ties might need a bit more thought. 

We'll be offering a few simple tips over the next few weeks to match your ties and shirts, as well as offering a few examples of how it definitely shouldn't be done.

What to do: Try a solid coloured silk tie on solid coloured shirts as you can only go wrong on colour. That said, you're also paddling in the shallow end. If you want to go to waist height, try mixing shirts and ties from the same colour family, like a light pink shirt and a dark red tie, or a light blue shirt and dark blue tie. Don't panic, you'll be fine. As a rule, I would also always have a tie darker than your shirt (even if just slightly). 

What not to do: Please don't wear a solid coloured tie that is the same colour as your shirt. Luckily, Gordon Ramsay has left us with a stunning example of why this doesn't work that will no doubt be burnt into your retinas forever. A kitchen nightmare indeed.

This is back from 2008, so it might be that Mrs Ramsay was still a little upset with Gordon after a spot of trouble in the tabloids and was dishing out punishment by making him dress like a piece of liquorice. It's certainly an acquired taste. 

There is also a prize if anyone can think of a single reason why someone would tuck their silk tie into their trousers. To help stretch their back?

Spotted anything worse than Gordon's? Let us know at

Patrick Dudley-Williams