Why are men's ties often seen as a cliché when it comes to being given as Christmas gifts? The tasteless present from a relative, destined to never see the light of day following its unwrapping.

But is a silk tie really a bad gift? No. A bad tie is a bad gift. A good tie is something the recipient will keep forever (men rarely throw away silk ties) and will be returned to regularly when they need that perfect look. Most men have a couple of 'go-to' ties for big meetings or occasions such as weddings. Believe me, they cherish them.

So how do you pick the right tie for someone? There's more to silk ties than spots, stripes and plain colours. Try something with a small repeating pattern in a conservative colour, or a colour that you know they like. Avoid large prints (it makes ties look cheap) and think a little bit about shirt and hair colour. 

Still stuck? OK, here's a big hint. Our pink fish tie is our best selling mens tie, and the navy version is perfect if you're not sure he would like the colour (it goes with everything).

Our you could just buy (and print out) a gift card and let him make the choice!


Patrick Dudley-Williams