A few weeks ago we had a very quick look at how to start matching plain silk ties with plain shirts. The sharp ones amongst you will have noticed that we don't currently sell plain silk ties, just patterned ties. Therefore, we thought we should lay out some of the rules for matching a patterned silk tie with a patterned shirt. 

What to do: As a rule, the pattern of your tie should be bolder and larger than the pattern of your shirt. Patterns of the same size can create a really busy look. Let the tie take the plaudits with the more complicated and larger pattern. 

On colour, try to think about the dominant colour of the shirt and try to get a silk tie that has some of that colour (or the impression of that colour) within it. A light pink checked shirt might work well with a navy blue silk tie with some red a white in it (which would give the impression of pink).

What not to do: Do not wear a silk tie and a shirt with the same pattern. This includes the same style of pattern (i.e. checked shirt and checked tie), but also with exactly the pattern.

Daniel Radcliffe effectively shows us why this doesn't work, even with Liberty prints. Sorry, Daniel, you can't magic your way out of this one. 

Patrick Dudley-Williams