"Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that’s what gets you."

In a bizarre statistic, the British buy more convertible cars per head than any other nation in Europe (and we're second worldwide). We have a population far more balmy than the climate, a mildly reckless regard for our personal safety, but also a generally optimistic outlook that loves the theatre of open top cruising. We believe that should be celebrated.

So grab a warm coat (and those natty driving gloves) and join us as we take a look at at the REEF KNOTS selection of drop-tops for all budgets in 2016...

1. Rolls-Royce Dawn: Rolls-Royce 'lowers the formality' with the Dawn. Marketed as a young person's car, it's likely to be another big beneficiary of the new Premier League football rights deal. Even Newcastle players will be able to get one (and that just seems totally wrong). Powered by a 6.6 litre V12 and travelling from 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, it will still be able to tear your face off (if required, sir). Fuel economy is largely irrelevant, because if you're young and driving this, you're insurance premium will be higher than Claudio Ranieri on 15th May.

Cost: Around £250,000

2. Porsche Boxster: "Other than the price, what was wrong with the 911?" It's what everyone is thinking when you arrive in your starter Porsche. That said, the Porsche Boxster (now known as the 718 Boxster) is one of the best sports cars on the market today. Great balance due to a mid-mounted engine and tons of grip. Rear and front luggage compartments also make it possible to live with. It is a Porsche though, and that's something you'll need to come to terms with. 

Cost: £39,553-£60,459 

3. Fiat 500C: You're running towards your convertible, you place one hand on the bodywork and leap smoothly over the door and into the driving seat. She's impressed. It's a great dream, but don't try it in the Fiat 500C unless you're former Soviet pole-vault legend, Sergey Bubka. The window frames don't disappear, so it's more of a car with a 'very large sunroof' than a full convertible, but the Fiat 500's style makes it a worthy contributor to our list. Low running costs mean you can probably afford to take her to dinner too.

Cost: £12,950-£19,306 

4. Mini Moke: We've been trying to get one of these as our company car for a LONG time (if you have one let us know!). Originally designed as an all-terrain vehicle for the US army in the 1960s, it proved completely useless when encountering the smallest obstacle. Instead it quickly became an iconic beach cruiser and has been produced in various locations on and off over the past 50 years (recently starting again). It isn't comfortable to drive, it certainly isn't going to keep you alive in a collision, but it's great fun and the very essence of a summer car. That's why we would have the Moke every time!

Cost: £4,000-£20,000 (depending on age/condition).

Patrick Dudley-Williams