We're always getting emails back from customers about how much they love Reef Knots silk ties, the fantastic quality and the beautiful gift boxes. We love getting these (so please don't stop!), but we thought it would great if we could get some of those messages across to our new or future customers. It's always difficult to persuade new people to part with their hard-earned money for one of our silk ties, especially if they've never heard of us before. We think the best way to help them make a decision is to get feedback from people that have already done just that.

All product reviews on our site are from verified customers (i.e. people that have actually purchased a tie through our website). Each customer receives an email a week or so after purchase which can be completed in a couple of seconds and posted with a click.

If you get one of these email, we'd love it if you could take 5 seconds to fill it in. It really helps us build a company for the future (plus it's good for the ego as we are yet to receive anything other than top marks!).

Patrick Dudley-Williams