We're always asked when we're going to make swimming trunks to match our silk ties (and the answer is not yet!). But in the meantime, we've hooked up with the legendary Australian swimming trunks brand, The Rocks Push, to offer REEF KNOTS tie customers an exclusive 20% discount.

This is a brand designed for you to go directly from the beach to the bar. They've just launched in the UK and have already been featured in the Telegraph and the Times newspapers.

We've been wearing them on the water and in the REEF KNOTS office and we love them. We especially love the little touches like a waterproof pocket in every pair to keep your cash and phone dry in the water.

They're flown in direct from Australia in 4 days (but with local returns and free exchanges). The best swim shorts you've ever had, or send them back.

Just use the promo code in the image for 20% off your order until 31st August at: www.therockspush.co.uk

Patrick Dudley-Williams