Green silk ties are a secret weapon in a man's wardrobe. When paired with a dark suit and a white shirt, you're guaranteed to be attracting comments all day. Finish it off with a light coloured pocket square, and you'll have a new favourite.

Speak to any silk tie retailer and ask them what colour ties sell the best and they'll tell you "navy and red". This will generally be reflected in their range. We sell lots of ties in these colours, but oddly enough we sell more pink and green ties than anything else. 

Pink ties are classic, especially in the UK, so that's not altogether surprising. When paired with a light blue shirt, a pink silk tie is undeniably one of the smartest combinations. However, when we opened for business, we weren't expecting green ties to sell so heavily. Now, we wouldn't dream of making a new range without one. 

Patrick Dudley-Williams