We appreciate that getting an unasked for mailing through the post can sometimes be annoying and we often get asked where details have come from. We think it is best to be honest, fully transparent and give assurances that we are fully GDPR compliant. We only use data from reputable GDPR compliant sources used by many large retailers across the UK. 

If you don't want our catalogue or mailing in the future, please just pop it in the recycling and let us know at unsubscribe@reefknots.com. We will suppress your name from any future mailings (but this may take a couple of weeks to take effect as some prints are done well in advance). 

As part of our marketing, we are buying single-use data from large data houses such as Experian and Abacus Epsilon. These companies pool collective sales and marketing preference data from a large number of retailers across the country. When you have given third-party opt-in for a similar type of product or sales channel, it is logged. GDPR is based on a concept of reasonable interest, so similar companies may then be able to send marketing to you based on the idea you may reasonably be interested in their offering. 

Due to the protection laws in UK we are not able to contact them on your behalf to find out which company provided your data to them. However, if you do contact them, you can also ask to be removed from their system and so all similar types of mailings should stop. 

Below are the companies we currently use to source data: 

(1) Abacus Epsilon: nomail@epsilon.com   Tel: 020 8943 8049.

You can also remove yourself online: CLICK HERE

(2) Experian: You can contact Experian by calling 0115 8286738 and use option 2 to speak to someone. By email you can contact: CustomerRelations@uk.experian.com

You can also remove yourself online: CLICK HERE

(3) I-Behavior: dpo@conexancemd.com to find out more information or to ask for name to be suppressed or removed. They do not have a telephone number.

You might also be interested in registering with the Mailing Preference Service and you can do this by visiting www.mpsonline.org.uk. Doing this will greatly reduce the amount of mailings you receive from third party companies. It is an industry standard to run all mailing recruitment campaigns against the MPS.

Again, we apologise if you have received a mailing you did not wish to receive, but hopefully the information above will give you the tools to stop it happening again and should also help you stop other unwanted mailing too.