Buying gifts is hard. We get it. That's why we asked a group of men to choose our Top 10 gift ideas for 2021. The message was simple. Buy quality items that they'll wear season after season. If they're good for the planet, even better. Our list is brimming with British design, impeccable quality and sustainably focused fabrics. We guarantee they'll be a hit under the tree with not a fake smile to be seen...
(1) The Recycled Quarter Zip Jumper - Made from 50% Recycled Plastic and 50% Cotton. Simple, stylish and supremely comfortable. Super-soft, anti-shrink and anti-moth. We sell out of these early every year! £89 each
(2) Made in England Socks - These are the finest socks you can buy anywhere. We don't even think it's up for debate. Made right here in the UK in one of the oldest sock factories in the world. Pick ANY 3 pairs for £35 and we'll automatically deliver them in a gift box for you!
(3) Organic Cotton Boxers - We've put some of our classic Reef Knots prints on 100% organic cotton. But what really makes these special is the cut. No billowing tents here. £25 each or ANY 2 for £45, ANY 3 for £65
(4) Organic Cotton Polos - We call these the perfect fit polos because... well... you get it. Made in Portugal with 100% organic pique cotton. These are the new work shirt, so he better get stocked up. £59 each or ANY 2 for £99
(5) Organic Brushed Cotton Shirts - There is one word to describe these and it's SOFT. Brushed organic cotton makes these the perfectly warm winter layer and they'll play to his inner lumberjack. We all have them. £65 each or ANY 2 for £110
(6) Sun-Faded Baseball Cap - It's almost like these were designed to be gifted. The problem is that you'll want to keep it yourself. Just grab two and save yourself the time. One adjustable size. £25 each
(7) The Organic Oxford Shirt - The colder weather calls for a weightier shirt. These button-down Oxfords will be his favourite from Day 1. He could wear these everyday for the rest of his life and never look out of place. £65 each or ANY 2 for £110
(8) Elasticated Belts - As these stretch, they fit a large range of waist sizes. Plus the prong goes through anywhere so nobody knows if he's going up or down! Wear them with everything from shorts to jeans. Made in Italy and delivered gift boxed. £39 each
(9) Handmade Silk Ties - We think we make the best ties in the world. And so do our customers. In fact, we built our business around them. Screen-printed and handmade in Como, Italy. Gift box as standard. The king of luxury gifting. £69 each
(10) Organic Cotton T-Shirts - All winter layers need to start on a great base. There isn't a man alive that couldn't do with some simple and soft organic cotton tees. Chuck a couple under the tree. £29 each or ANY 2 for £55, ANY 3 for £75
So that's it! You have everything you need to make sure you're the most popular person around the Christmas tree this year.
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