Clothing micro plastics are small fibres that can shed from garments during washing and can eventually find their way into the water supplies and oceans. 

We believe that the prevention of all plastic ending up in the ocean and the creation of a circular economy is the responsibility of both manufacturer and consumer. Working alongside our various suppliers (such as Repreve™️ and SEAQUAL™️), we take plastic out of both the ocean and landfill and recycle it into products. We then ask that our customers to take the necessary precautions to prevent that plastic finding its way back in. 

For items that are made with recycled plastic/cotton blends, we suggest:

  • Using a Guppy Bag (CLICK HERE) to catch any micro plastics that may shed. 
  • Use washing settings that use less water. This can prevent the shed of microfibres by up to 30%. You'll need to check your specific machine settings.
  • Do not tumble dry products. As well as using unnecessary energy, this can also increase the shedding of fibres in garments.
Patrick Dudley-Williams